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TURF CONSULTATION --- Our "Four Step Service and Consultation Process" allows you the customer access to our sixty plus years of experience in growing and maintaining beautiful lawns, turf plots and other grass areas. These are not only pleasing to the eye, but usually very easy to maintain.

1. When you contact Allens Seed, one of our experts will discuss your problem and environmental background information along with the history of your current grass or planting needs. This will help us understand your situation and suggest solutions for your consideration.

2. If appropriate, a sales rep will make a site visit. In most all cases, the rep has enough technical knowledge to make recommendations on the spot.

3. If a soil test has not been recently made, our representative may suggest that soil and or plant tissue samples be taken for analysis.

4. We employ independant testing labs that can give us detailed soil and plant tissue analysis and help us provide a specific mix of products and services that will be tailored to your specific needs.


Weed and Disease Identification


To be sure of getting the correct advice about your turf problems, always consult with our "experts."